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About Us:

AvanteTec was established in February of 2005 as the Information Technology arm of A/V Low Voltage Systems Integration firm AHTS Corporation (est. 1999). AvanteTec is a privately held technology company based in beautiful San Diego, California and our projects extend throughout the State of California and the Hawaiian Islands. We have extensive experience in construction, Information Technology (IT) systems, high end audio video systems and cabling.  We handle all aspects of your technology needs from design and engineering, installation, all the way to end-user support.

Since our inception we have been committed to providing our clients with greater value and return on their technology investments by providing top notch professional installation, and knowledgeable responsive support.  Using state-of-the-art delivery methods we’ve been able to provide our clients with increased cost savings and cost effective access to enterprise-grade technology, personnel, and software which is normally reserved for very large companies.

We are committed to high-quality workmanship in every project we undertake, and we are committed to giving back charitably to our community with our time, treasure, and talent.

Why you want us:

We understand what you need
At AvanteTec, we’re skilled translators and that makes us very good at our job. You have needs and describe them in conversational English. We understand and translate your needs into technology solutions. For example when you say in plain English, “All of our billing software and customer information is on one computer. We can’t afford to have something happen to it,” we translate that to “We’re looking for a continuous backup solution with SQL backup capability, image verification and rapid recovery bare metal restoration capability to dissimilar hardware.” Once we plan and implement the solution we let you know, “We’re protecting your data and if anything happens to one of your computers, we can have you up and running on a clone of that computer within a matter of minutes.” Simple. We’re sure you’ll be impressed with how easily we’re able to work with you to determine your needs in a friendly, and conversational style.

We have a wide experience base
In addition to being able to communicate well and in plain English, we also have the technical skills, experience, and knowledge to keep your networks and technology devices operating at peak efficiency. Vendor certifications aren’t enough when you’re trying to find your “IT guy”, you need people who use that knowledge on a day to day basis. Our team uses our IT background and operational efficiency to service a large client base meaning that what your “IT guy” sees once a year, we’ve solved and documented many times over.
About our name:
Pronounced “AH-Von-Tek”, the “avante” part of our name comes from the two Latin words “ad” and “ante”. These are the same two words from which the words “advantage” and “advanced” come. “Ad” means “in the direction of” or “toward” and “ante” means “in front of or advance of”. Tec is just a shortening of the word “technology” so when it’s all put together our name means “at the forefront of technology.” Our name is a part of our philosophy which is to remain at the forefront of technology and to be a front runner in our field.